Free IT Disaster Recovery Plan Toolkit

Being prepared for IT disaster – whether a security breach, a natural disaster, or downtime caused by human error – can save your company tens of thousands of dollars, help maintain your established reputation within the Twin Cities community, and keep your business booming instead of backpedaling

Why Disaster Preparedness is Extremely Important

The number of security events impacting businesses are rising daily. There are over 50,000 malware attacks happening every day in the United States alone – as many as 1 every second of every day. (Seplicity)  

Further, 60% of small businesses that experience an IT disaster don’t survive 6 months.  

The statistics are staggering, but there is a clear path to protecting your organization.  

Items in the Disaster Recovery Plan Toolkit

  • Disaster Preparedness Business Plan 
  • Disaster Preparedness Readiness Quiz 
  • Disaster Preparedness Technology Plan  

KLH helps Twin City Businesses

At KLH, our experienced IT professionals offer exclusive IT support in Minneapolis and St. Paul to help you avoid becoming a statistic. For more information on our Backup Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan services, click here.